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Art and social criticism: 110 irreverent drawings by Luis Quiles and other artists

The stage name of Luis Quiles is Gunsmithcat and his works are shared, especially on social network, because he denounce the contemporary society through strong images and impact, which is difficult to remain indifferent. Among his battles also combating today’s world of communication, which leads to isolation. But other designers are becoming known to the public.

110 irreverent and provocative drawings that show the worst side of contemporary society. The social network and the new way of communicating, the underpaid job and increasingly precarity, racism and poverty in some areas of the world, the use of the female body and sex as a means to success, the contradictions of the Church, are just some the issues faced by young artists already famous as Luis Quiles, Pawel Kuczynski and others artists not very well known but which are making inroads with their ruthless photographs of reality.
Note especially to adolescents, who share them often right through those social networks harshly attacked, the drawings of the gallery are a mirror that distorts reality to make closer to reality, even if this often appears without values and moral.
Art blends with the complaint: looking at these drawings you find yourself thinking, and why not, you can even laugh, a laugh from the bitter aftertaste.
One of the drawings is “dedicated” to Italy because, sarcastically, portrayed the ex prime minister Silvio Berlusconi.


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