Dogs Love You No Matter How Much Money You Don’t Have |

Dogs Love You No Matter How Much Money You Don’t Have

I hope you find a human friend who is faithful at least half of my dog

Dogs give only love. The loyalty of dogs is legendary. When a human is able to enter into their hearts, the loyalty of dogs is unbreakable.
When you think you’ve lost everything, the house, the car and other material things; when it is difficult to find the money for a hot meal; when you are hit by the cold wind with no possibility of a shelter; when people, even those you were relying on, you have left … your dog is there, always by your side.
And unlike us, dogs don’t pass judgment on people who are down on their luck or homeless, but they are there every day, to accompany them and warm them on cold days.
Their sad and tender eyes look their human companions as if to say: “I am here with you, man, whatever happens.
This post is a tribute to homeless dogs, who love and stick with their homeless owners no matter what.

With your dog, you must not give a tone.
With your dog, you must not to be slimmer,
less lazy, more rich.
You can show naked or helpless.
It does not care if you have a color different from his
or you are too colorful.
You must not speak with him by force.
With your dog you can be 100% natural.

homeless dogs

© Veronica Henri

A homeless man sleeps in the arms of his dog on Queen St. W. in Toronto, on a freezing day in November, 2006 – Veronica Henri


best friend

© Simon Clarke

best friend –  Simon Clarke


homeless dogs

© bellajo415

Dialogue Of Souls – bellajo415

homeless dogs

A homeless man hugging his dog – imgur


best friend

© Tony Cole

“money got no friends but more money…” – Tony Cole


dogs love you

© Peter Jung Photography

Presumably a homeless man with his closest companion sleeping across a front door along Montreal’s major commercial area – Peter Jung Photography


dog sitter

© Marijke Mooy

Dog sitter – Marijke Mooy


roll over

© sean batten

Roll Over – Sean Batten


homeless dogs

© Andre

Comforting Each Other – Andre


dogs tribute

© Inna Zakharova

best friend – Inna Zakharova


sleeping beggar's

© Mirella

Sleeping Beggar’s – Mirella


homeless dogs

© Kirsten Starcher

Homeless Cuddling Dog – Kirsten Starcher


cane compagno di lavoro

© Daragh

Homeless in Dublin – Daragh


sick dog

© samhohobond007

Homeless dog in Vancouver Downtown. The man is asking for donation since his dog is sick – samhohobond007


best friend

© dongrizzly

Love – dongrizzly


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