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[WATCH] Harbinger – A Horror Shot In First-Person Inspired by Lovecraft

Gearmark Pictures brings us an nine-minute short film titled Harbinger, a short film inspired by the works of HP Lovecraft.
Directed by Alexander Crews, the short film is entirely done in first person perspective, so that the viewer sees through the eyes of the protagonist of the story.
Some details about the film were posted on Imgur: Harbinger was born out of a love for Lovecraft’s work as well as the unique opportunity to use a custom “face rig” camera which made the film possible.
Herbinger, in the stories of H. P. Lovecraft, is the name is also given to Ghroth, a kind of moon with a red eye in the center. This creature travels the world while singing his song awakening to the “Ancient Ones”. Groth, however, is not one of the protagonists of the story. The narrative makes use of the atmosphere of the writer to do something original. A man is led to a decidedly dodgy house by his nightmares. This is how the story begins. At the beginning of the film there is an invitation to enjoy it with headphones.
Many know that horror is an atmospheric work, but what is achieved in this short film has layers and layers of sound design to make you feel in character.
The first-person horror is highly efficient in video games and the big producers maybe decide to give it a try, after this work, because after that you will have watched this short film all the other horror films will seem outdated and boring.

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Harbinger, the face rig camera


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